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Prices for my services you can find below. Bridal prices include 21% VAT and exclusive of travel costs outside The Hague. Travel costs are € 0.21 per kilometer from The Hague.


Complete bridalstyling including tryout €389,00

Complete bridalstyling including try-out & lash lift  (permanent curled lashes)  €429,00

Complete bridalstyling including try-out & new set lashextensions  €449,00

Bridal Makeup including tryout €249,00
Bridal Hairstyle including tryout €249,00

Complete bridalstyling exclusive tryout €279,00
Bridal Makeup exclusive tryout €169,00
Bridal Hairstyle exclusive tryout  €169,00

Makeup guest exclusive tryout €75,00

Hairstyle guest exclusive tryout €75,00
Makeup and hairstyle guest exclusive tryout €125,00
Touch-up €89,00

Photoshoot | TV

Daily rate commercial chores: in consultation
Half day €299,00 (excluding VAT)

Day / Evening makeup €149,00 (exclusing VAT)

Makeup & hairstyle  €199,00 (excluding VAT)

Lash Extensions

New set Volume 2D / 6D / 150 min €80,00

Refill  2/3 weeks  €40,00

Removing extensions €15,00

Lash Lift €49,00

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