General Terms and Conditions

The General Terms and Conditions stated below apply to all transactions between SallyJaneBridal and its customers.

Article 1: Identity of SallyJaneBridal

1.1 SallyJaneBridal is registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under number 27334943 and carries VAT-identification number

NL002042830B80. SallyJaneBridal is located at Groot Hertoginnelaan 214A (2517 EX) in The Hague, the Netherlands.

1.2 SallyJaneBridal can be reached by email at or through the Website and by phone on +31614245788

Article 2: General

2.1 These General Terms and Conditions apply to all order confirmations, offers and transactions between SallyJaneBridal and its principals.

2.2 Deviations from the General Terms and Conditions are only valid when explicitly agreed upon in writing with SallyJaneBridal in writing.

2.2 Where in these terms and conditions is meant “customer”, this should be understood to mean any natural person or legal entity who is in a contractual relationship with SallyJaneBridal, by virtue of an order confirmation or any other kind of agreement.

2.3 In the event one or more stipulations in these terms and conditions are null and void, or may be annulled, the other provisions of these general terms and conditions shall remain fully applicable. The provisions of these general

2.4 Deviations from the provisions of these general terms and conditions are only possible if and insofar as they have been expressly agreed in writing,

agreed in writing.

2.4 The customer accepts the applicability of these terms and conditions, by reserving and/or booking a service from SallyJaneBridal

2.4 By reservation or booking a service from SallyJaneBridal, the customer accepts the applicability of these terms and conditions.

Article 3: Realisation of the booking

3.1 A booking is established at the moment the customer accepts SallyJaneBridal’s offer orally, by telephone, in writing or digitally.

3.2 The customer acknowledges to have read and accepted the General Terms and Conditions of

SallyJaneBridal before making a booking.

3.3 The first written confirmation issued is mutually free of obligations, except for printing-, typesetting-, and

3.3 The first written confirmation is without obligation, no rights can be derived from printing errors, misprints or mutilated offers.

Article 4: Costs, remuneration and payment

4.1 All amounts mentioned in the quotation are in euros and inclusive of 9 (nine) or 21 (twenty-one) per cent VAT

unless stated otherwise.

4.2 SallyJaneBridal has the right to correct obvious errors in the quotation.

4.3 Payment will be made by invoice.

4.4 The invoice has to be paid by the Customer within 14 (fourteen) days.

4.5 After acceptance via confirmation form, reservation costs will be charged. By

Reservation costs are understood to be,” save the date” reservation costs being 75 (seventy-five) Euros.

4.6 The try-out costs will follow after the reservation costs, under try-out costs are understood to be for the try-out

excluding travel costs being 175 (one hundred and seventy five) euro.

4.7 The travel and expenses incurred by SallyJaneBridal for his or her activities are for the account of

the customer. The travel expenses will be based on a kilometer allowance of 0,25 euro per kilometer

Calculated from the correspondence address, being Groot Hertoginnelaan 214A, at. S Gravenhage.

4.8 Travel expenses for work abroad will be borne entirely by the client,

including any costs for hotel accommodation, food and drinks unless agreed otherwise in writing by the customer and SallyJaneBoard.

agreed upon in writing by both the customer and SallyJaneBridal. Parking costs are for the customer.


4.9 Complaints to the invoice: the customer has to notify SallyJaneBridal in writing within 8 days with motivation.

his/her objection to the invoice in writing within 8 days. After this period he is deemed to agree with the content of the invoice.

the content of the invoice.

4.10 Exceeding the stated term of payment:

4.10.1 If the client fails to pay the invoice within the term of payment, SallyJaneBridal may, after

notified, SallyJaneBridal may suspend all work on the order until the amount of the invoice has been

4.10.1 Should the client fail to pay within the term of payment, SallyJaneBridal may, after having notified the client, suspend all its activities on behalf of the order until the amount of the invoice has been paid.

4.10.2 If the aforementioned term of payment is exceeded, the Principal will be in default by operation of law and the Principal will owe the statutory interest on the entire invoiced amount, commencing on the date on which

payable (being two weeks after the invoice should have been paid at the latest) until the date of payment to Sally.

up to and including the date of payment to SallyJaneBridal.

4.11 Costs of Collection:

All costs of collection in case of default of payment by the customer, both extrajudicial and

4.11 Costs of recovery: All costs of recovery in case of default of payment by the customer, both judicial and extrajudicial, are for the account of the customer.

Article 5: Cancellation, Termination and Suspension of the Agreement

5.1 Cancellation, termination or suspension, or dissolution of the agreement shall take place in

in writing.

5.2 Should the customer cancel an agreement wholly or partially, then the costs incurred by

SallyJaneBridal, including the fees to third parties, as a result of this cancellation will be reimbursed in full by the customer.

The customer will be fully reimbursed.

5.3 Reservation costs will not be returned to the customer.

5.4 In case of cancellation of an Agreement by Customer, SallyJaneBridal will be entitled to charge the following

costs to the Client:

  1. In case of cancellation 4 (four) weeks before commencement of the Services, 50% of the total costs will be charged.
  2. In case of cancellation between 1 (one) and 4 (four) weeks before commencement of the Services, 75% of the total costs will be charged.
  3. In case of cancellation less than 1 (one) week before the start of the Services, 100% of the total costs will be charged.

5.5 If the order is cancelled after the try-out session/try-out, the costs of the try-out session/try-out are due based on the applicable prices for a try-out as mentioned on SallyJaneBridal’s website.

of SallyJaneBridal,

Article 6: Force Majeure

6.1 Force majeure is understood to be any external cause, beyond will or control of SallyJaneBridal, Inc.

SallyJaneBridal, making timely, full or proper performance of the Agreement no longer possible.

6.2 Force majeure as referred to in the previous paragraph includes, but is not limited to: non-performance by a third party, illness of SallyJaneBridal’s own personnel or a third party, abnormal weather conditions

weather conditions, failures in water and energy supplies, strikes, serious failures in SallyJaneBridal’s systems, fire, firearms, etc.

SallyJaneBridal, fire, floods, natural disasters, pandemics, riots, war or other domestic


6.3 In the event of force majeure resulting in one of the Parties failing to meet its obligations under the Agreement, the other Party shall be entitled to dissolve the Agreement without recourse to

the other Party is entitled to dissolve the Agreement without intervention of the courts. In such an event SallyJaneBridal shall proceed to proportionate adjustment of the

invoice. In case of assignments for bridal hairstyles and bridal make-up, SallyJaneBridal has the availability of some colleagues who may be able to take over the job. 

A guarantee for availability can never be given.

6.4 SallyJaneBridal emphasizes that in any case force majeure is not understood to be a situation

Covid-19 but SallyJaneBridal will act as flexible as possible in consultation with the Customer.

Article 7: Liability

7.1 SallyJaneBridal excludes any liability, and rejects any claims for damage, both direct and indirect.

claims arising from circumstances not attributable to SallyJaneBridal and which by virtue of Dutch law or

Dutch law or according to the social standards cannot reasonably be attributed to SallyJaneBridal.

can not reasonably be attributed to SallyJaneBridal.

7.2 For compensation of damage only the damage for which SallyJaneBridal is insured and which is covered by the insurer will be considered.

insured and which is compensated by the insurer. Consequential damage and immaterial damage are not eligible.


7.3 Despite the fact that SallyJaneBridal uses dermatologically tested cosmetics and that hygiene is a high priority,

It is possible that the use of cosmetics may cause an allergic reaction. SallyJaneBridal is not

liable for allergic reactions or inflammations caused by the use of brushes, make-up

products or other materials.

Article 8: Confidentiality of Data

8.1 Each of the Parties guarantees that all of the information received from the other Party, of which it knows or should know that it is of a confidential nature, will remain secret. The Party that receives confidential information will use it only for the purpose for which it has been provided. Information shall in any case be considered to be in any case if it has been designated as such by one of the Parties. SallyJaneBridal cannot be held to this obligation if disclosure to a third party is required by court order, a legal

court order, a legal requirement or for the correct execution of the agreement.

8.2 More information can be found in the Privacy Statement.

Article 9: Changes to, explanation and location of these terms and conditions

9.1 SallyJaneBridal reserves the right to change or supplement these Terms and Conditions at any time.

additions. SallyJaneBridal will notify the Customer in time.

9.2 These terms and conditions can be found on SallyJaneBridal’s Website:

9.3 In case of any interpretation of the content and meaning of these terms and conditions, the Dutch text will be leading.

9.4 The most recently filed version will always be applicable.

9.5 On these terms and conditions and on every agreement between the customer and SallyJaneBridal Dutch law is applicable.

Dutch law is applicable.

9.6 All disputes arising between SallyJaneBridal and Customer will be submitted to the competent court in the district where Customer has its residence.Court in the district where Customer has its residence.

Version: 27-07-2021



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