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I can provide your lash extensions at home.

Eyelash extensions

Always been to find the most alluring glance ever? With lash extensions or Lash Lift I make sure that you always have long voluminous lashes that best allow justice to your eyes. And the big advantage is that you need not leave the house! I am certified wimperstyliste and take care of your lash extensions at your home. New set volume €79,00 exclusive travelcosts.


The lash extensions I use are velvety eyelashes of high quality. 100% animalfriendly.


The eyelash extensions are virtually weightless and production of anti-allergic material (PBT).


A natural look or even glamorous effect? There is a choice of different thicknesses, lengths and curves.


Refill only necessary from 2 weeks, depending on your own growth cycle. Which takes place every six weeks, but varies by person.


Treatment is painless and takes 60-90 min. At a new set, a refill takes 30-45 min.


You do not need mascara after placing lash extensions. Direct expressive eyes!

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